We can help you with your relationship law matters

Dignity EDR Effective Dispute Resolution is a relationship law resolution service for people who desire amicable, dignified family law resolutions without court involvement at the beginning, during or end of relationships.

Relationships have all kinds of legal implications. For example, at the start or during relationships you might need or want to enter financial arrangements, co-parenting arrangements or consider estate planning. At the end of relationships or if you’re thinking about separating, you may need help negotiating a way forward, getting a divorce, formalising agreements and understanding the family law legal process.

We understand that most people want to move forward by resolving their relationship law matters amicably, quickly and have more control in the process. Our years of specialist family law experience informs us that there is a need and desire to obtain mutually positive outcomes without the cost, time and emotional toll of litigation.

Why choose effective dispute resolution?

Most relationship and family lawyers tend to focus on disputes, the dispute being at the centre of the approach forward. While we understand that disputes and disagreements are often an unavoidable part of life, particularly in relationships and families, at Dignity EDR and Dignity Legal, we focus on effective dispute resolution.

This means that the way we approach relationship and family law matters starts with what outcome the parties want to achieve, and then we help develop the roadmap to get there, effectively. We are resolution focused, not dispute focused.

Our goal is to help you and the other person in the relationship, arrive at a resolution in a way that leaves you both dignified, strong, emotionally satisfied and financially secure. The process is respectful, allowing you to move forward. If there are children involved, the children will see their parents’ model how to achieve an honourable separation without recourse to battle.

We facilitate problem solving and a getting on with life approach.

We give you fee certainty

We charge for our services with fixed fees including GST. You know how much our services will cost at each stage of your case.