Separating couples information sessions (Facilitation)

We can meet with separating couples together and give you both all the information you need to separate amicably. We call this process, facilitation.

What is facilitation?
Facilitation is a great opportunity for couples who want to be able to negotiate how they want to co-parent and divide their assets between themselves, but want to make sure they have all the important information before they start.

How does it work?
We will sit down with the separating couple together to discuss, consider and develop different options about how to deal with your separation and establish the best way forward for the family.

We will make sure that you both have the right information about the law before you start negotiating a resolution together, and we will help you know what the important issues are that will need resolving.

You can have as many facilitation sessions with our facilitators as you both think you need, throughout different stages of your negotiation.

We may connect you with other professionals to help you throughout your negotiation if it may be helpful. This could include a session with your accountant, a child psychologist or other family members that may be helping with childcare.

When should have our first session?
You will get the most benefit out of the facilitation process if you book in for a session when you decide you want to separate.

Facilitation doesn’t work for everyone. Both you and the other person in the relationship need to be willing to work together to negotiate your own resolution.

Do you give us each legal advice about our entitlements?
We don’t give you independent legal advice. We give you both information about the family law process and different options that you can both explore and help you negotiate together. Facilitation empowers you and puts you both at the centre to come up with an agreement together. It does not focus on one legal position against another.

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