Collaborative family law

We are collaborative family lawyers and we are available for collaborations to achieve your family law resolution.


What is collaborative family law?
A collaborative approach is where the separating couple work together to achieve the desired outcome with the help of a range of professionals who all work together.

The separating couple are still both represented by different lawyers, who are both trained collaborative lawyers.

The collaborative approach relies on all parties agreeing that they will work together to focus on and work towards an outcome that is in the best interest of the whole family, rather than what is in the individual interests of one party.

It is a very effective way to have the grown-ups work together, with the assistance of skilled and experienced collaborative professionals.

How does it work?
Your lawyer works together with the other party’s lawyer to try and reach a mutual outcome.

Reaching a fair, just and equitable outcome in the best interests of the family does not only involve lawyers. Other advisors are also included in the resolution process. This could include accountants, financial advisors, counsellors and psychologists.

This means that all the parties, lawyers and advisors work together to look for ways to move everyone to a new beginning.

A collaborative law approach is not for everyone. This approach works when all parties want to and can reach a mutual agreement without focusing on two opposing sides.

If you are looking for, or need, litigation, adversarial representation, or want to ‘fight it out’, this approach is not for you.

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